Smoke Containment

HVAC Venting

A cigar room should still have a standard HVAC intake and return like any other room in the house.  When it comes time to smoke in the room you’ll need easy ways to shut these off though so you are not pulling in and exhausting your house air.  The quickest way is to manually close the register levers.  The more sophisticated option is to install electronic duct dampers, which I briefly discuss in the Ducting section.

In the case of manually closing the registers the seal isn’t fantastic, but pulling in a small amount of house air within reason is not a big deal.  If this is a concern the electronic automated duct dampers provide a very good seal of the ducting.

Door Seals

An airtight seal around your door is a must.  This ensures smoke doesn’t leave the room but also ensures your exhaust fan is pulling its air from the fresh air intake and not other places of your house.

Rubber seals on the door frame help eliminate air gaps between the frame and door.  The bottom of the door also needs to be sealed.

I accomplished a seal on the bottom of the door using different methods for the 2 rooms I have built.  For the first room I installed a door jamb in the floor.  For the second room I installed a door sweep directly on the door.  See screenshots of both to the right.

Other Seals

Look around your room for anywhere air / smoke could easily escape and try to find ways to seal them where possible.  Lights in the room are a good place to start.  If you have recessed lights for example, you’ll want to ensure their bases don’t have large air gaps that would allow smoke to escape out of the room.