LED Poker Table

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Table Construction
Finished LED Table
  • I created a jig out of spare wood to make the circular cuts
  • Cup holder rings when cut out with 2 sizes of hole saws
  • Raised outer rail with built in cup holders
  • Marking the foam for cuts
  • Foam on the outer rail prior to wrapping
  • Wrapping the outer rail
  • Close-up of finished outer padded rail
  • Securing LED lights to inside of outer padded rail
  • Table base with suited pins all around
  • Staining the pedestal
  • Playing surface with dense padding and wrapped in hardboard to create a firm edge
  • Playing surface wrapped in speed felt
  • Inside track with routed groove for the metal diffuser and stained with polyurethane
  • Setting metal diffuser in groove
  • Ensuring various pieces fit tightly together
  • Track and playing surface are flush to aid in moving chips around freely
  • Finished table with lights off
  • Table with lights on
  • Close-up of the suited pins around the table
  • Under side of the table
  • Remote control to change the LED lights
  • Table with alternative LED color