Cigar Band Poker Table

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Building The Table
Cigar Bands in Epoxy
Finished Table
  • Measuring cuts
  • Table cuts are made
  • Wrapping the padded playing surface in speed felt
  • Playing surface is wrapped and ready
  • Padding outer rail is wrapped and ready to have the center cut out
  • Stapling the leather around the outer rail
  • Padded rail and playing surface are finished
  • Created a barrier on all sides of the track to contain the pourable epoxy
  • First layer of cigar bands is down
  • A couple more cigar band layers are down
  • Several layers of cigar bands are in the epoxy
  • Close-up of the cigar bands
  • Cup holder barriers removed, showing the depth of the epoxy
  • Track down and barriers removed
  • All of the layers stacked on top of each other before connecting
  • Finished table with chairs
  • Alternative view of finished table
  • Close-up of cigar bands
  • Close-up near cup holder