First Cigar Room (2006)

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Finished Room
  • Looking Into Room
  • View of the side of the room
  • Exhaust fan grille
  • Cigar art work
  • Room controls
  • Intake and HVAC registers
  • Flush mount speakers connected to the TV in outside room
  • Custom cigar painting
  • Ledge of the 5 foot picture window looking out
  • View looking out to the main room
  • Csonka O2 air purifier in the corner
  • Close-up of leather chairs
  • Opening the glass entry door
  • Seal at the bottom of the door
  • View from outside of the cigar room
  • Alternate view from outside the cigar room
  • View looking into the cigar room
  • Custom made antique cigar band table
  • Outside corner of the room
  • Alternative view looking into the room
  • Exiting the room
  • Entry point of the ducting in the middle of the ceiling
  • Mount built to hold the exhaust fan outside the room
  • Ducting run between the room and the exhaust fan
  • Installing the intake and exhaust hoods on the outside of the house
  • Intake and exhaust hoods from the inside of the house
  • Intake and exhaust hoods fully installed
  • Exhaust fan
  • Exhaust fan grille in ceiling
  • Inline heater installed into the intake run
  • Automatic duct dampers on intake and HVAC duct runs
  • Alternative view of the duct dampers
  • Unfinished basement
  • Framing the cigar room
  • Drywall around the 5 foot picture window
  • Openings for the room controls
  • Drywall almost complete outside of the room
  • Inside the eventual cigar room
  • Openings for the flush mount speakers
  • Speakers installed and paint on the walls
  • Exhaust run grille mounted
  • Picture window and door ready to be installed
  • Door and window installed and ready for final finish work
  • Ready for the inaugural smokes