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Second Cigar Room (2016)

I moved into a new house and converted an existing room, previously being used as an office, into a cigar room.  Converting an existing room to a cigar room presents the unique challenges of finding the proper locations to house ducting runs and the exhaust fan.


First Cigar Room (2006)

This was my first cigar room I ever built and it was part of an entire basement finishing project.  The room was modest in size but looked out into the rest of the basement through a glass door and 5 foot picture window to avoid feeling small.


Other Projects

Antique Cigar Band Table

This antique table was completely stripped and re-finished.  A pourable clear epoxy was used to seal in several layers of antique cigar bands and labels from the 1930’s.

LED Poker Table

This poker table was close to 5 foot round and featured a raised padded rail with remote controlled LED lights that shine through a metallic band with shapes of the suits punched out.

Cigar Band Poker Table

This was the first poker table I ever built.  It was a 4 foot wide octagon design.  The main track features over 400 cigar bands put into a clear epoxy at various depths to created a layered look.

Beer Taps

I turned a full size refrigerator into a kegerator and extended insulated beer lines from a back room through the wall to the main room.  The refrigerator held two 1/6 barrels at a time.